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The Silver 624 is a 7-day programmable, touch-screen control that can remotely control your home’s temperature with four heat and two cool settings to help suit your lifestyle and reduce your energy consumption—including one-button Energy Savings Mode (ESM). With upgradable software, humidity sensor, filter service and maintenance reminder alerts, this home automation thermostat and control uses Z-Wave technology that allows you to manage your home comfort from wherever you need. Nexia™ Home Intelligence Remote Climate Access included (Nexia™ Home Bridge required).

  • Nexia™ Remote Climate Access included
  • 4 heat/2 cool
  • 4.3” diagonal LCD touchscreen
  • Screen lock out and guest lock out
  • Built-in humidity sensor
  • 1 aux dry contact
  • Dehumidification setting
  • Dual Fuel capable
  • Filter, maintenance and humidifier service reminder alerts
  • Requires Nexia Z-Wave Bridge for connectivity
  • Color: Silver