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Air Conditioning Repairs

Arizona Air Conditioning Repair Experts

Gateway Heating & Cooling is Arizona’s air conditioning repair experts serving the entire Phoenix Metro Area (Phoenix, Scottsdale, Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, etc). We even service many of the outlying areas where other companies will not dispatch, such as Fountain Hills, Queen Creek, San Tan Valley and Florence. Gateway Heating & Cooling provides a standard of honesty and quality for you so that you can be sure you’re getting the right option for your air conditioning needs.

Unfortunately there are competitors out there who have a policy to sell a new air conditioning unit with every possible dispatch, or charge for parts that are clearly covered by warranty, or blatantly overcharge for parts and services. At Gateway Heating & Cooling we will start with a free estimate that involves a proper diagnosis and assessment. Then our suggestions will be based on how to best meet your specific needs, because the same approach does not always apply to everyone.

Obviously, the first need you have is to keep your living environment cool and comfortable. The second need is to accomplish the first need as affordably and effectively as possible. For some that will mean replacement of a unit, but whenever possible we will extend the life of your current unit to help you save money.

Emergency AC Repair Services

It gets freaking hot here in AZ! That’s never more apparent than when your air conditioning unit breaks down. By the County Assessor’s definition a home is not even considered “livable” unless it has air conditioning supply. But really, who cares about the definition of anything when your house feels like an oven? Gateway Heating & Cooling has a very quick turnaround time, so if you find yourself in this position we will get your home back to cool and comfortable as soon as possible. If needed we can even provide temporary indoor units in cases where receiving a part will take more than a day, but that’s rare.

If you’re in need of an emergency AC repair then contact Gateway today.

Delay New Unit Installation When It Makes Sense

In most cases, installing a new unit is more expensive than repairing a current unit, and we will do this whenever it makes sense. It’s not uncommon for competitors to suggest a new unit when they know the unit only a small part that needs to be replaced or fixed, such as burnt wire or capacitor. A new unit could cost thousands of dollars when a simple part is in the low hundreds. With these competitors, don’t sign at the kitchen table until you get a free second opinion from Gateway Heating & Cooling.

By extending the life of the current unit it gives you more value for your original purchase and helps you save money. This way you can also rest assured that when we do have to replace a unit it has legitimately reached the end of it’s efficient use. When it comes time to replace your old unit with a new one, we hope you’ll have us around to extend the life of the new unit as well. We intend to have a long-term working relationship with you and will therefore provide you with the best value and best service as possible. In some cases it won’t make sense to do a repair. If we know the same repair would have to be made over and over again in a short amount of time, then you can’t rely on that unit to keep your home comfortable anymore, and it costs more in energy and labor. That’s why the difference between a repair and a replacement is a matter of proper maintenance and timing. Generally the manufacturer will suggest a replacement after about 10 years; we can extend the life up to 20 years or more.

Avoid Costly Repairs Through Regular Maintenance

The absolute best way to avoid costly repairs is through regular maintenance. Learn more about AC maintenance services. Also, changing your intake air filters in your home every 30 days will reduce the stress on your system. The longer the filters are left there, the more buildup they get and the more energy it takes to pull air through it. It’s the same concept of a heart getting overworked when there is too much cholesterol built up in the arteries.

How the other guys might do business.

Make the Most Of Your Warranty

Gateway Heating & Cooling will not charge you for parts or labor that are covered by warranty. Did you know that an extended warranty does not have to be serviced by the contractor who sold it to you?

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