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Air Conditioning Installation

Arizona Air Conditioning Installation Experts

Gateway Heating & Cooling is Arizona’s air conditioning installation experts serving the entire Phoenix metro area (Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert, etc.), including many of the outlying areas such as Sun Lakes, Fountain Hills, Queen Creek, San Tan Valley, and Florence.

It’s a wonder that Arizona was colonized before the invention of air conditioning, especially with average summer high temperatures between 104 and 107 degrees Fahrenheit, and exceeding 110 degrees is not uncommon. At least they didn’t need oven mitts to touch their steering wheels because the automobile wasn’t invented either. Times have certainly changed since then, especially since the County Assessor will not consider any square footage within a home as “livable” unless it has air conditioning supply.

If your home or property needs to become “livable” via the installation of an air conditioning system, then contact Gateway Heating & Cooling today. Regardless of whether your new unit(s) will be placed on a rooftop, within the roof, in a closet, garage or on a pad beside the home, we can accommodate your needs with an efficient and affordable option. Gateway Heating & Cooling is an American Standard and Trane distributor. You are offered units that we would use in our own homes, built by one of the top air conditioning and heating manufacturers in the country and provided at an affordable price.

Why Choose Gateway Heating & Cooling?

It’s not uncommon for us to quote less for the same unit. It’s also not uncommon for competitors to match our price but with a lower quality unit. Gateway is a distributor for American Standard and Trane, one of the top manufactures in the country. We offer these units affordably and with a philosophy of excellent customer service.

Air Conditioning Installation For New Builds

There are a couple cases where the situation calls for air conditioning installation instead of maintaining or repairing an existing unit. Naturally a new build wouldn’t have an existing unit so one or more needs to be installed. We’ll work with you to get the correct unit installed which can efficiently provide cooling for the correct square footage of the house.

Gateway Heating and Cooling can cover the air conditioning needs for your property whether you’re the home owner, investor, property manager or general contractor. We work well and can collaborate with other professionals as needed to get the job done right, affordably and effectively.

Air Conditioning Replacement

Besides new builds, another case when new air conditioning needs to be installed is when an older air conditioning unit needs to be replaced. Unlike some other HVAC companies, Gateway Heating & Cooling does not outright suggest getting a new unit every time a technician is dispatched to a property. Unfortunately there are some companies out there who do this as a mater of policy to improve their bottom line. If Gateway Heating & Cooling can help you save money and improve your bottom line by efficiently increasing the life of your existing system then we will. In those cases we’d suggest repair services for the existing unit and maintenance services to ensure that the life of the unit is extended for as long as it can work efficiently.

Having said that, we’ve seen a lot of air conditioning units that have legitimately reached the end of their days and it’s simply time to get a new one installed.

Ductless Air Conditioning Installation

A lot of customers just assume that a ductless system is easier, smaller and therefore cheaper. Since that is usually not the case they can be surprised, and we don’t like surprises any more than you do, so we do our best to educate and inform properly. A ductless system should not be selected under the assumption that it will be cheaper; it should be selected based on the space that needs air conditioning supply and whether there is space available for a duct system or not. This generally means that a ductless system would be used for property additions, garage conversions, or manufactured homes and trailers. Yet, the expertise and labor intensity required to install these systems is about the same, as well as the cost for the unit itself.

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