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About Gateway Heating & Cooling

Gateway Heating & Cooling is a local, family-owned HVAC company serving the Phoenix metro area. Services include AC installation, AC replacement, AC repair and maintenance, as well as heater installation, repair, replacement and maintenance. The team of technicians is highly trained to perform the best possible work with each visit to avoid maintenance issues down the road. This keeps your system running smoothly so that you stay cool in the summer and less cool in the winter (we could have said “warm”, but hey, this is AZ).

Gateway Heating & Cooling is carried over from a “parent” company, pun intended as it is owned by a father and son team. The father, who was also a firefighter, established an HVAC company in 1995 in order to provide higher quality services to friends and family. The son grew up working for his father’s HVAC company and has carried over the same level of dedication and service. Every customer is treated as if they are a family member or friend.

About the Owner

Brent McDowell co-owns Gateway Heating & Cooling with his father John. Working alongside his dad he has been working on AC units since the age of 12. He carries over the philosophy of high quality and superior service from his dad’s AC business which he has been part of since his youth.

Brent is a 4th generation Arizona resident. He is a foster/adoptive parent and long time advocate for youth programs. Over 10 years scoutmaster for BSA. Highly involved in church and community supporting youth programs, sports and local schools.

He enjoys traveling all over the state of Arizona, taking local sights, camping, hiking, and fishing, which is a family tradition that is carried on to his children. He and wife have been married for over 10 years.

Why Choose Gateway?

There are quite a few practices that we’ve observed in the HVAC industry which we choose not to follow in order to provide you with better service. Examples of practices which we don’t observe might include high pressure sales to purchase a new system when a replacement part will do. Or competitors might severely overcharge for particular parts or services. Instead of taking advantage of of a one-time opportunity to add to the bottom line by overcharging you, we’d rather treat you like a family member or friend in order to establish a long term working relationship with you.

We work with all systems regardless of whether we installed it or not. If we can save you money by extending the life of your current system we will.

Get A Free Second Opinion

If you’ve already received a quote from a competitor get a free second opinion. Don’t sign at the kitchen table, don’t fall victim to the practices described above.  We do what we can to efficiently extend the life and value of your current system to help you save money; and even if your system does have to be replaced it’s not uncommon for us to beat the price on the new unit or offer a higher quality unit at the same price.

Are you worried you might be getting overcharged? Contact Gateway Heating & Cooling today for a free second opinion. There’s no obligation and no pressure. Just a free and honest assessment to give you peace of mind.

Contact Gateway Heating & Cooling

Is it freaking hot in your home? We can help with that and we’ll do whatever we can to help you save money, the same as if we were servicing a unit for a family member or friend. Contact us today.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]